Welcome to the Integral Acoustics website, home of the LARA sound system design software.
Integral Acoustics is the developer of the LARA louspeaker covergae and placement analysis software. LARA can be used to predict the direct field coverage of one or more loudspeakers over a defined listening area. In the basic package the listening area is defined by selecting from a library of room shapes and entering the key dimensions.

Loudspeaker coverage data can be read from EASE 2 or 3 format data files. The cabinet geometry is added to the imported data and all data is stored in a native cabinet library.

Major features include:

1. Definition of rooms using a library of pre-defined shapes. You just supply the key dimensions.

2. Definition of rooms with arbitrary geometry (with optional full geometry module).
3. Mouse driven display pan, zoom and rotate.
Calculation at third octave frequencies
. Choice of power summation or complex addition to calculate coverage and response
. Display of contours showing SPL or geometric data (e.g. distance from loudspeaker) on individual surfaces or groups of surfaces.

7. Line of sight acoustic shadowing calculations show regions that have no line of sight to loudspeakers.
. Choice of results display modes, trading off speed of calculation for resolution. Spot mode gives virtually instantaneous coverage display.
. Display of signal arrival time and levels for individual loudspeakers (Direct ETC) at a discrete point.
. Directly shows the affect of adding delays to loudspeakers.

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